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Cork Rendering

A thermal render to enhance the look of your home.

CorkSol cork render is one of the most advanced thermal, energy saving products on the market. It has natural properties such as acting as a thermal jacket around your home. It is waterproof and also has sound insulating abilities. Why would you choose traditional render when cork rendering is now available?!
cork render
Qualified & approved
We are approved and experienced in the application of cork rendering, working to a very high standard.
25-year guarantee
Cork rendering won’t fade or crack like other products. That’s backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee.
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Highly experienced
We have 20 years’ experience in the building industry with a long list of happy customers to show for it.
cork rendering

Natural Cork Render

Cork is a product created from the bark of the cork oak tree. It is a natural, renewable resource and is 100% ecologically friendly. For many years we have understood its unique thermal insulating properties and have used it in various ways in our homes. But now you can literally wrap your house in it, protecting it from the weather and cutting your energy bills at the same time.

And, as if all that wasn’t enough, it comes in an extensive range of colours giving your home a beautiful textured finish which will be maintenance free for years to come.
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Customer Reviews
Total Trades ConstructionExcellent4.8 Based on 24 reviews fromCallum ListerCallum Lister ★★★★★ Very trustworthy and honest after bad experience with other companies Lee and the team have restored my faith wouldn’t hesitate to call them againPeter ParkinsonPeter Parkinson ★★★★★ I have come across many builders in my life but Total Trades led by Lee are the best. They tackled a difficult job, in poor weather, which included replacing asbestos soil downpipes, excavation for and replacement of damaged drainage, then making good with concrete and tarmac and leaving the site clean and tidy. I know it took a great deal of care and attention to detail to make such an excellent job and I have not seen better workmanship. If ever I need anything else doing their’s will be the number I will call.Peter ParkinsonKevin GloverKevin Glover ★★★★★ Lee and his team have a great product and service. Corksol looks very crisp and fresh. Very easy firm to work with.Steve TowellSteve Towell ★★★★★ Great experience working with Lee and team ,the work has transformed our home ,it’s a fantastic product ,covers a multitude of sins ,would highly recommend.Andrew BardsleyAndrew Bardsley ★★★★★ We found Lee from Total Trades to be very helpful and professional in carrying out the Cork rendering of our property. The job has taken much longer than we had hoped due to the poor weather this year and difficulties with sourcing the Cork render. These were all matters beyond his control but he did keep us informed all the way through. The job was difficult due to proximity to other properties and Lee was excellent in his efforts to complete the work whilst maintaining good relations with our neighbours. We are really happy with the results.Denise BassettDenise Bassett ★★★★★ Lee came out to look at a problem with our kitchen wall. He told us the problem within minutes!! He told us the simple solution 😁. Thankyou Lee for solving our problem and being so honest 😁😁. You certainly know your Trade.Philip CarrPhilip Carr ★★★★★ Lee and his team refurbished our external rendering with Corksol Spray.From the onset Lee was most helpful knowledgable always either answered his telephone or return calls quickly.The work was undertaken and carried out to plan. We are really pleased with the finished result. We would definitely use again for any building work in the future.Chantelle KellyChantelle Kelly ★★★★★ I recently contacted total trades to take a look at our leaking flat roof (3 in total), the company was highly professional from the very first point of contact. It soon became apparent that our roof was in a bad condition, and the previous roofer had done a really bad job using shed felt, and poor workmanship. Total trades provided us with a quote for a new GRP roof and trims, and we got booked in quickly for the work to be carried out. On the day, the team was fantastic. They arrived on time, was friendly and polite, took their boots off when indoors, and tidied up at the end of each day. Once the job was complete, they took away all the old felt and timber to dispose of, and left us with a brand new watertight roof with a 20 year guarantee. We are extremely pleased with the whole process, from first point of contact all the way through to completion, and would highly recommend Total Trades to everyone. They set a perfect example of how companies should operate, and have left us with total peace of mind. Thank you for such an amazing service.js_loader

Cork Rendering Gallery

We now offer a variety of
Finance Options
Spread the cost into manageable monthly payments so you can save on the energy bills in your beautifully cork rendered home. Zero VAT until April 2027.
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Benefits of Cork Render

Cork is a natural and renewable ‘green’ substance. With thermal money saving properties, and a wide choice of colours available, cork render is fast becoming the award winning product of choice for use both inside and outside the home.
natural sustainable
Natural & Sustainable
Cork is stripped from the bark of the tree without causing harm, allowing it to grow back.
crack resistant
Crack Resistant
Cork render is flexible. It won’t crack. It can even be applied over cracked traditional render.
reduces heating bills
Reduces Heating Bills
Stop heat escaping from your property by up to 30%. Cork render will reduce your energy bills.
mould condensation resistant
Mould & Condensation Resistant
Breathable and resistant to organic growth, cork render puts an end to mould and condensation.
high durability
High Durability
The 25 year warranty CokSol offer on their cork render says it all. It will not fade or crack.
good sound insulation
Good Sound Insulation
Noisy road or kids... no problem. Cork render will absorb up to 38dB so you enjoy peace and quiet.
fire resistant
Fire Resistant
Due to its breathable properties, cork render from Corksol is fire resistant.
repairs possible
Repairs Possible
In the unlikely event it is necessary, patch repairs are possible without re-rendering the full area.

Cork Render FAQs

Why choose Total Trades to apply Cork Render to your home?

CorkSol is the way forward for many properties. If you want to give your home a new modern, sleek look which will cut your energy bills and be maintenance free for many years, this has to be the product of choice. If you have a property where the existing render is cracked and in need of replacing – or just looks tired through discolouration – then why would you reapply a traditional render when cork, and all its beneficial properties, is available. As an experienced family building company, Total Trades has worked with traditional render and seen its pitfalls for many years. So, when the opportunity to become an approved installer of cork rendering presented itself, it really didn’t take much thinking about. As with all our services, we work with our clients in a clear and transparent way. Everything is detailed and agreed before any work begins and we look after your home as though it was our own. We want your property to look its best, whilst working to reduce your energy bills. With the range of colours to choose from, applying cork rendering from CorkSol will certainly achieve that. For further information or to request a quote please get in touch.

Is cork render expensive to have installed?

Cork Render cost generally comes up mid-range when compared to other materials, however the benefits of spray cork in comparison to cheaper alternatives make it a no-brainer! Not only is cork known for its elasticity which means it is not prone to chips or cracks like other materials, it also provides thermal insulation and sound insulation, is weatherproof and very versatile.

Cost benefits of using cork render

Cork may not be the cheapest option when it comes to rendering your house, but its properties make it worth the investment. It is a long-lasting, durable solution, and as long as it’s carried out by professionals, you will never need to re-cork. This is because of the cork’s elastic properties, making it resistant to chips or cracks, as well as minimal colour fade. Not only this, but opting for cork over other alternatives can lead to a utility reduction of up to 25%!
re render, repaint or overspray – which is the best solution for my cracked render?

Thermal heat benefits of cork render?

Providing thermal insulation to your property is one of the main reasons cork render is so popular today. With a Thermal Conductivity resistance of 0.045W/mK, it quite literally provides a thermal blanket for your home. This protects your property from any weather damage, keeps your home warm in winter months, and saves you money on your bills.

Is cork render maintenance free?

Yes. Some people wish to hose or wash their cork render to keep it free of debris, but this is not necessary for most as the cork is impervious to mould, and does not chip or crack even in the harshest of UK weather. This means that your render will always look fresh and will need little to no maintenance over the years.

Which is the most cost-effective, cork render or cavity wall insulation?

Cavity wall insulation is unfortunately known to let damp in, whereas with cork render there is no bridge in the cavity to enable damp to enter your property. For this reason, despite the possibility of cavity wall insulation offering a lower price, cork render definitely comes on top when it comes to value for money and cost-effectiveness.

How much does it cost to render a house?

It isn’t possible to predict exactly how much cork render costs, as there are many factors which come into play. Of course, the size of your house or property is the main one, as your quote from any company will be based on how much external wall there is (usually per square metre) to render.
Another factor would be the contractor you choose to go for – prices will vary from one contractor to another, but be wary if a quote seems ‘too cheap’. Always do your research, look at customer reviews and make sure you are opting for a reputable company – after all it is a long-term investment you’re making and you need to find the right company for the job!

How much does rendering cost per sq meter in UK?

Again, this varies from company to company, so it is not possible to provide a definite cost. We would recommend getting quotes from reliable companies to find out how much your specific job would cost – if you would like a no-obligation quote from Total Trades, feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable team.
SprayCork colour range
SprayCork is available in a wide range of colours. To request samples of any of these colours, please contact our team.
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