Turn your conservatory into a living space you can use every day, no matter what the weather!

Do you have a conservatory which you struggle to control the heat in? Or, maybe it has a corrugated plastic roof that’s past its best? Our solid conservatory roof replacement service will literally change your home life by giving you an additional room that you can use all year round.

Many people buy houses with existing conservatories. Others added them a number of years ago when they were at their height in popularity. However, what most people discover is that they are not quite the additional room and living space in the house they envisaged. It is worth noting here that before 2010 all conservatory roofs in the UK had to be a minimum of 75% glazing! If you think you may need your old conservatory roof replacing, it’s worth speaking to a professional company about your options and how a new conservatory roof could benefit you.


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What are your options if you’re not getting the most out of your existing conservatory?

It goes without saying that glass conservatories aren’t a good all year round solution. Without adding an expensive blind system to the glass conservatory roof and windows and some form of air cooling system, most conservatories are more like greenhouses in the summer. But then in winter, they’re practically impossible to stop feeling like a walk in fridge, usually only having any warmth to them on the sunniest of winter days – and we all know that in the UK there aren’t too many of them!

The older the glass roofs are, the more likely it is that they will develop leaks and even cracks. Repairs can be required frequently, and a patched up roof isn’t the nicest thing to look at. Maintenance costs soon start to build up, which is where replacement is often the best option.

An aging conservatory with an old or damaged glass conservatory roof can be a red flag to potential new home owners, should you think about selling your home. However, our warm conservatory roofs will actually add value to your home. Find out more about our replacement roof service for your conservatory, and how it will benefit you whether you decide to keep or sell your property.


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Our Conservatory Roof Replacement using WarmRoofTM

Rather than offering a conservatory roof repair service to your existing glass conservatory roof, knowing that any repair will have a limited life, we would always advise, if possible, to get a replacement roof using our top of the range warm conservatory roof systems.

The warm conservatory roof system offers traditional and contemporary designs and will transform any previously unloved, unused or problematic conservatory into a stylish, fully functional additional room that you and your family and friends will love to spend time in.

The WarmRoofTM conservatory roof system has been expertly engineered and offers the following benefits:

  • Does not require planning permission, and all work we carry out will comply with the latest building regulations
  • Quick to install the new roof, taking just a few days
  • Uses a patented breathable system
  • Has fantastic thermal qualities, reducing energy bills
  • Roof made to fit any conservatory, style or shape
  • Is made from a lightweight aluminium structure
  • Available in Tapco slate or Extralight tile finishes
  • Adds value to your home
  • Each solid roof is bespoke to your conservatory and is hand built to order

Whilst adding a tiled solid roof to your conservatory will take some of the light out of the room, all the benefits of having an energy efficient, temperature controlled room will far outweigh this. Furthermore, if light levels are a significant factor for you, we can also integrate and install Sky Vista roof windows and lights, to bring more natural light back into your conservatory; not to mentioned these are made from self cleaning glass to keep looking their best all year round. It is also worth noting that having your conservatory roof replacement using tiles, will give the new solid roof a life of approximately 50 years.


Why use Total Trades for your new warm conservatory roof?

We are a well-established family company operating in the Doncaster and Scunthorpe (inc Sprotborough, Bawtry, Scawthorpe, Scawsby, Bessacarr and Cantley to name just a few, giving our customers a level of service we are proud to shout about. We offer many different home improvement services, and replacement roofs for conservatories is one of our most popular services.

We operate on a basis of transparency with all our customers. We discuss costs openly, keep you up to date as the work progresses and Lee, our MD, is always on the other end of the phone should you want to discuss anything at all.

Conservatory roof replacement is one of our specialisations, so if you are looking at your conservatory wondering what on earth you can do to make it the additional living space in your home you crave, as well as making your property more energy efficient, then hit the button below to request a call back from Lee, our Managing Director.

To find out more about getting a new conservatory roof installed onto your existing conservatory extension, give us a call today on 0333 577 1139 for a no-obligation chat with our expert team. We pride ourselves on our service and hope to transform your conservatory into a living space you are proud of.


Does A Conservatory Require Planning Permission?

Generally, a conservatory doesn’t need planning permission, although there are some conditions you need to stick to for building regulation approval to not be needed. For example, a conservatory extension must not expand more than 3 metres from your house (or 4 metres if your house is detached).

When having a replacement conservatory roof installed, if you already needed planning permission for your conservatory when it was originally built, you likely won’t need to go through the process again. However there are exceptions, such as if your property is within a conservation area.

For more information click here, or don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly and knowledgeable team. We can also advise you on any building regulations you need to be aware of when installing a new roof system to your conservatory.

Will a Conservatory Roof Replacement Improve My Condensation Problems?

A typical conservatory roof will have been built to be watertight, which, as the name suggests, prevents water from leaking into your property. However, this can cause build up of moisture on your conservatory in the form of condensation – particularly in the winter months.

By opting for a tiled roof, you get a much better all year round conservatory extension, meaning you don’t have to worry about extreme heat in the summer, or cold and damp in the winter.

Will a tiled conservatory roof increase my property value?

It’s difficult to put a figure on exactly how much value a tiled conservatory roof could add to your home, however it is often a real selling point for potential buyers. One thing is for sure, a tiled roof adds much more value than a glass roof would, not only because it looks much better, but also due to the benefits that come with having a tiled roof.

Will a tiled conservatory roof reduce outside noise?

The main concern from homeowners with glass conservatory roofs is often the noise. When you experience heavy rain (let’s be honest, it’s not all that rare in the UK!), the sound of the rain hitting a glass roof can be heard right through the house.

A tiled roof is a much better alternative, with excellent noise reduction from solid panels to keep out the sound of heavy rain and wind. For more information on our tiled conservatory roofs and how they could improve your home, get in contact with our team today.

Will I lose a lot of light if I replace my conservatory roof with tiles?

It goes without saying that a glass roof lets much more natural light in than a solid roof of any other material. Having said this, a conservatory with a tiled roof will remain bright and airy, and the other additional benefits will outweigh the natural light you lose from ditching the glass.

If losing natural light in your conservatory extension is something that concerns you, you could also consider adding roof lanterns to your solid roof to get the best of both worlds!

How long will it take to replace my conservatory roof with a solid roof?

The size of your conservatory extension will have the biggest impact on how long the installation of a solid roof will take, so we would need to do an individual quote to be able to give an estimate. For a quote on your replacement conservatory roof or for general queries, get in contact with us today on 0333 577 1139.

How much does a replacement conservatory roof cost?

Conservatory roof cost varies from project to project, so giving an accurate estimated figure isn’t possible until we’ve assessed the job in hand. There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration when estimating the price of a solid roof for a conservatory, including:

  • The company you opt for
  • Where you’re based
  • The size of your existing conservatory

We pride ourselves on offering value for money conservatory roof replacement, and therefore offer competitive prices. If you would like a quote from a reliable team of professionals, feel free to give us a call to speak to one of our helpful team about our conservatory roof services.

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