Create that extra space you need without extending or moving

Basement conversions are a great way of having an extra room in your house without losing garden or going to the expense and inconvenience of moving.  Damp proofing and drainage systems have improved hugely over the past years allowing an everyday space to be created under your home.

Depending on the footprint of your home, your basement may make one large usable room, or a completely independent living suite such as a studio flat.  And, if you don’t want living space, what about a home office or even a storage facility.

A basement conversion will not only give you extra space, it will significantly increase the value of your property and waterproofing under your home will protect it against structural damage from damp, rot and mould.

In designing your basement conversion many aspects will be considered and drawn into the scheme, from drainage, waterproofing, insulating, heat sources, water supply, electrical wiring, and light sources, to entry and escape routes.


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Planning Permission for Basement Conversions

Each local authority has their own rules around planning permission.  If you are simply changing the use of a space, then planning permission is usually not required.

However, if the design requires a change in floor level or ceiling height, or if you are adding a light well or external door which will change the external appearance of the property, permission may be needed.


Building Regulations

Building Regulations approval will be required for the work carried out in making your cellar a habitable space.  This ensures that the damp proofing, electrics, water supply, escape routes etc are all to standard.


Party Walls & Leasehold

If your property adjoins another, then you will need to refer to the Party Wall Act 1996 as you may require a Party Wall Agreement drawing up.  If the property is Leasehold, you may need to seek written permission from the Leaseholder to undertake the conversion.


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