Extend don’t Move.  Create that much needed extra space in the house you already love!

If you love the house you live in but need some extra room, why not extend rather than put yourself through all the stress and financial implications of moving.  Total Trades have many years’ experience of building home extensions for their clients in Doncaster, Scunthorpe, and the surrounding areas.

In recent years planning regulations have been relaxed in the UK to allow you to build an extension of up to six meters for a semi-detached house, or eight meters for a detached house, without requiring planning permission.

Home extensions will add value to your property… but much more than that they provide an enhanced quality of life.

Whether you want a kitchen extension, a new office, to increase your general living space, a downstairs toilet or shower room, a playroom, or additional bedrooms for a growing family, great things can be achieved with a creative design.

Features such as underfloor heating allow space to be maximised as no radiators are needed.  Rooflights allow natural light to flood your living space.  Smart home technology allows you to control just about anything from your tablet or phone.

Whether you have your plans already drawn up or whether you are just at the initial stages of thinking about what you want, we can advise you.

We totally understand how vital finances are for building work.  Budgets are everything.  It is why we believe in clear and transparent communication at all stages with our clients.


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Why choose Total Trades to build your home extensions?

Choosing a builder for your house extension is a major decision.

As a family company we can put ourselves in your position and imagine the gravity of the decision to allow someone in to your home and make huge changes, disrupting life as you know it, and taking large sums of money in exchange!

Because the implications are so huge, we have a number of company standards that we strictly adhere to:

  • All communications with you, from quote to final invoice, will be clear and transparent.
  • After discussing budget with you and agreeing the build cost, we will work in set stages and take small stage payments, keeping you in control of your finances at all times.
  • Should any extra work be required, this will be agreed in writing before it commences – again with clear cost implications detailed and agreed.
  • We will project manage your build from start to finish.
  • Disruption is kept to a minimum at all times for you and we ensure that we look after your neighbours too should any noise or dirt affect them.
  • Should any specialist sub-contractors be required to work on the project, they will be from a hand-picked team who we work with regularly and trust completely.
  • Our Managing Director, Lee, will project manage the build and will always be available to contact even if not on site.
  • You will be kept up to date of progress at each stage of the build. Should anything change as it sometimes does due to the weather or other unforeseen circumstances, you will be issued with an updated project plan, so you know what is happening.


So, if you’re planning a home extension and require a builder who will care for your home as though it were their own, we could well be the company for you.  Let’s create the home of your dreams together.


Is planning permission required for a new home extension?

Planning permission is not always required for a home extension. If you need an assessment on whether or not you will have any issues with obtaining planning consent for your project we can discuss in our initial consultation, don’t hesitate to call us on our Doncaster or Scunthorpe numbers!

Who needs to be present for the consultation?

We are happy to help answer your questions and explain the entire process in detail at the consultation. This will save you time by not having further visits if we see both partners at the same time.

How long will the construction work take?

There are no quick answers for this, as each project is different. It depends on the size of your home and whether you’re looking at one or two stories – not even considering all other factors like obtaining planning permission or designs! Our team ensures everything goes smoothly from start-to-finish with us completing jobs efficiently in order that they can be finished before their deadline without delays.

Is it best to work out when the work starts?

If you’re thinking of moving out at the time of having construction work, this is the best option for both parties. We’ll be able to get on with our project and not have extra time spent cleaning or packing up each day so that you can relax after work in your home.

We only want the very best experience for yourself and a good working environment for the team working on the new extension.

What guarantees do we have

You should feel confident to trade with us because we offer more than an insurance backed guarantee. We also provide you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your extension will be done right and without any problems, even if the company stopped trading.

Do you take care of planning permission?

Planning a house extension is no small feat. We know the process from start to finish and can help you through it all with years’ worth of experience under our belt! Our team has successfully planned hundreds of home improvements in total so we have what it takes when designing for any size or shape property, whether it’s an old outdated building that needs updating or something brand new. Our team can help with the whole planning process and make sure its stress free.

Do house extensions add to property value?

In almost all cases, yes. However, this is not cast in stone but a quality extension can give you up from 6% for an extra bathroom and 12% in double bedroom when done right! The research shows that creating space with en-suite will have an even bigger impact on increasing total property prices.

Would a modern extension style suit older homes?

Yes. The choice of finishes for ceilings, walls and floors can make an amazing integration between old and new spaces. Match your architraves with those used in the existing house to eliminate any visual distinction when it comes down to running flooring from one area into another space – we’re happy to show you all options so that this is possible!


Extension types and costs


A rear home extension

If you’re looking to extend your outdoor space with a rear extension, then it’s important that the layout of this project is planned carefully. You’ll need planning permission for larger than 2m+ extensions which can take up to six months or more depending on where in England they are being done and what materials are used; however smaller ones don’t require any permits at all! And because these projects often use quality building products like imported tiles from Italy (perfect as flooring!) expect costs over £40k minimum – but if budget isn’t an issue there really aren’t set maximums when considering size

Side Return Extension

Side extensions are a great way to transform your home without the need for planning permission. They typically come in small, affordable packages and can help you create more living space while keeping it looking elegant! Generally speaking these side home extension are in the cost region of £25,000 to £30,000 plus and will take a few months to complete.

Dormer Extension

If you’re looking for a way to give your home some extra space, consider adding on with an extension. A dormer is perfect because it removes the pitch and creates flat roof in line with how high or low your current one-story structure currently sits at: starting cost about £32K!

Double Story Extensions

Double storey extensions offer the advantage of doubling your space, but not at a double cost. The three most common shapes are rearside returns (for those who want to set back from their property line), side-returns and wrap arounds where two floors share an exterior wall with main living area on ground level as well as bedrooms upstairs; each type offers different advantages depending upon what you need in your home such as more storage or better views.

Wrap Around Extension

The side return and rear extension of the wrap around home is what makes it so amazing for creating an open plan living space. You can get a decent sized kitchen, dining area, or seating nook all in one room! With this much extra real estate you have plenty more opportunity to blend indoors with nature by using bifold doors that allow natural light into your garden-like interior settings while also providing privacy when needed as well since they’re reversible too.


Do you offer other services than building house extensions?

We are not limited to this one service, in fact we can carry out home improvements and repairs on all aspects of your house including .

  • Cork Insulation Rendering
  • Roof Repairs
  • Conservatory Roof Replacement
  • Orangeries
  • Damp Proofing
  • Basement Conversions
  • Flat Roofing
  • Roofline

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