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What surfaces can CorkSol cork render be used on?

You might expect that upgrading the look of your property would involve a great deal of time and hassle, but CorkSol cork render offers an alternative. This innovative wall coating is giving homeowners a new way of tackling some of the jobs that they've been putting off – whether it's repairing cracked render on the outside or insulating interior walls.

In this blog, we ask what surfaces can CorkSol cork render be used on, and who can apply it?


What is SprayCork and how does it work?

SprayCork is a coating made up of granular particles of cork that can be sprayed over the existing surface material of interior and exterior walls.

What makes this product so unique is its super adhesive properties that mean when it's on, it stays on - and because cork is flexible it's also breathable and resistant to cracking. In fact, CorkSol are so confident that SprayCork cork render will not fade, crack, chip or peel, that they offer a 25-year manufacturer's guarantee. 

Homeowners are turning to cork spray to repair damaged, cracked render on the exterior of their property, and as a way of insulating and protecting the inside rather than outdated methods that significantly reduce the room size

Whether you use it inside or outside, SprayCork cork render’s thermal properties stops heat escaping through walls and can significantly reduce your heating bill (by up to 30%) and carbon emissions.


spray cork

Using CorkSol on your home's exterior walls

If your property has 1970s or 80's stone cladding or a pebble-dash finish, then you've probably assumed that replacing it would be a BIG job, but you might be surprised.

With most wall coatings you have to remove the old surface materials before you can apply anything new. This takes time and there is a cost to dispose of it, but SprayCork cork render is different, because it can be applied directly over the existing coating.

SprayCork can be applied to:

  • sand/cement render (with or without lime)
  • in-situ or pre-cast concrete
  • brick
  • stone
  • asbestos cement panels
  • wood
  • metal sheets
  • pebble-dash/roughcast
  • render board/structural insulated panels (SIP)

And in addition… any of the above which have gloss or emulsion paint covering them.

The only materials that are not suitable to be covered with SprayCork are silicone-based renders, coatings, and fillers.


Available in a range of 24 colours

SprayCork's thin, even coating can give your property a modern, stylish finish, and it's available in a range of 24 colours. You can pick from shades of grey, neutrals, or for something a bit different, CorkSol also has a range of 12 more colourful options.

If you're struggling to pick a shade to match your property, then consider using the visualiser on CorkSol's website. Simply select a type of house to see how your chosen colours would look on a property similar to yours. You can choose from:

  • cottage
  • terraced house
  • semi-detached house
  • modern extension
  • three-storey new build
  • detached house
  • bungalow

You can also order a colour chart while you're on the website.


 interior corksolSprayCork from CorkSol for interior walls

SprayCork cork render not only provides a layer of thermal insulation for your home, but it can also combat mould, condensation, and damp. The spray-on coating can be applied directly to the walls inside your home as long as they are clean, dry, and dust-free.

You can use it on the following surfaces (even if they are covered with paint):

  • plaster (Gypsum or lime)
  • plasterboard
  • in-situ or pre-cast concrete
  • brick
  • stone
  • wood
  • Artex

SprayCork cork render is a favourite with interior decorators, homebuilders, and DIY enthusiasts, because it takes up less space than conventional insulation boards.

At just 8mm thick (that's two coats of SprayCork, plus a layer of plaster), it doesn't take up valuable space and you don't need to move fixtures and fittings. Adjusting things like light switches, plug sockets, and door frames is both costly and messy but with SprayCork it’s unnecessary.

Once the plaster is painted, there is no trace of the coating – the only thing you'll notice is how much warmer your house feels. You can expect to see your heating bill go down by up to 30% thanks to the insulation properties of CorkSol's thermal coating.


How eco-friendly is CorkSol's product?

CorkSol's spray-on coating is made up of cork that is taken from the Cork Oak tree.

Its bark is stripped from the tree, and this then grows back over time – making this a truly sustainable product (unlike quarried materials). What's remarkable is that this process releases oxygen into the air and reduces the carbon dioxide in the environment.

SprayCork is a favourite of Channel 4's Kevin McCloud, who chose the product as one his 'green heroes' at the Grand Design's Live Show in 2015 and 2021. He describes it as: "something that has been missing from both the conservation and eco-friendly building markets."

This isn't CorkSol's only accolade, because they were also winners of:

  • the ‘Build It Award’ for Best Sustainable Product in 2020, and
  • the ‘Built It Award’ for Innovation in Insulation in 2021

CorkSol is part of The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products, and The Green Register of Construction Professionals.


Taking the next steps - using CorkSol inside and out

At Total Trades, we are part of a select group of companies that have undergone training to prepare and apply SprayCork. As 'approved applicators' of CorkSol's products, we can offer our customers this spray-on coating as an alternative to plaster or render.

We've worked in the building industry long enough to know when something worthwhile comes along, and this is a product we are very happy to put our name against.


Whether you want to tackle the inside or outside of your home, we can help.

We are a family-run business covering Doncaster, Scunthorpe, and the surrounding areas, and our reputation means everything to us. We're known for providing high standards of customer service and value for money, so when you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

And for more good news, the UK Government has deemed CorkSol to be ZERO VAT until 2027!   So you’ll save even more money by applying it to your home now.

To find out more about CorkSol and how Total Trades can help with your next home renovation project, contact our friendly team today.

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