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The Different Types of Rendering – The Best Rendering Options for You

the different types of rendering – the best rendering options for you

There are so many benefits to rendering a house. From improving its overall appearance and value through to offering vital weather-proofing and thermal insulation, there are any number of reasons to invest in high-quality rendering for your home.

But what kind of render is right for you? At Total Trades, we’re professional rendering experts with over two decades of experience. We’ll break down the different types of rendering that we offer at Total Trades, helping you to decide which is right for your needs and circumstances.

What exactly is rendering?

Rendering is the process of applying a special coating – the ‘render’ – to the external walls of a property.

There are innumerate benefits to rendering, including improved appearance and protecting your brickwork against elements, as well as offering water resistance and noise reduction.

What are the different types of rendering?

There are many different types of rendering available. At Total Trades, we’ve seen the cracking and discolouration that can be caused by low-quality rendering. This includes traditional sand and cement render, which doesn’t offer the same properties as modern alternatives.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we’ve hand-picked three of the highest quality, tried-and-tested rendering products for your home.

Choose from these three different types of highly crack-resistant, long-lasting and low maintenance renders.


Highly flexible, water resistant and breathable, silicone render is a budget-friendly option. It’s low maintenance, crack-resistant, and comes in a range of different colours, offering you the chance to spruce up your home’s appearance with comparative ease.


External Wall Insulation Systems (EWI Pro) offers a range of high-quality BBA-approved renders made from materials including silicone silicate, mineral and acrylic. Durable and weather resistant, EWI rendering is also breathable and comes in a range of colour options. Total Trades are a registered EWI Pro installer for Doncaster and the surrounding areas.


Energy efficient, eco-friendly and low maintenance – cork rendering offers a range of advantages, without compromising on performance. At Total Trades, we’re an Approved Applicator of SprayCork – an increasingly popular type of rendering.

What’s the right rendering for me?

The different types of rendering provide alternative benefits and come at different prices.

Cheaper options will have a shorter lifespan. This includes cement render (a basic coating), acrylic render (which isn’t breathable) and pebble dash (which has a dated appearance).

The right rendering for you depends on your needs and budget, as well as the type of look you’re going for.

What are the benefits of different types of rendering?

Improves thermal insulation

The three different types of rendering offered by Total Trades have excellent heat retention properties. This will keep you warmer in the colder months, as well as improving your home’s overall energy efficiency.

A cork render like SprayCork can be up to eight times more thermally efficient than either traditional lime or sand renders. In fact, it may even reduce heat loss by up to 30%.

Lower energy bills

By offering a high level of thermal performance, the renderings we offer will help you to reduce your energy consumption and heating costs.

SprayCork may even reduce your energy bills by as much as 15%. Over time, these cost savings from your energy bills means that your SprayCork rendering will eventually pay for itself.

Preferable to more traditional solutions

External wall insulation is a traditional solution for improving the thermal performance of a building.

Whilst it may help to warm your home and keep bills down, this traditional solution does have disadvantages, including its cost, potential impact on your home’s structure due to weight, and environmental impact.

Reduce noise pollution into your home

Good thermal insulation makes for good acoustic insulation. This is vital if you live in busy urban areas or under flight paths!

Cork is an exemplary acoustic insulator, reducing noise pollution both in and around buildings. In fact, a SprayCork coating can absorb up to 38dB of noise.

Protect your property from the elements

All of the different types of rendering we offer are highly hydrophobic. As water-repellent renders, they offer your home critical protection from wet weather – which is important for UK homes!

These renders offer a high level of protection from the elements without compromising on breathability. Each of them allows for any trapped water to evaporate away from damp solid brick walls.

If brick walls remain moist for long periods of time, this can result in structural issues, as well as a build-up of condensation and mould, both of which are health risks. The high breathability of the different types of rendering that we offer reduces the problems that extended periods of damp can cause for homes.

Refresh your home’s appearance

The different types of rendering we offer come in a range of colourways and finishes, offering you the chance to give your home a stylish refresh.

Choose from more neutral options to the 28 fade resistant colours available with SprayCork to improve your home’s kerbside appearance.

It could improve value of your home

Rendering can give your home a fresh lease of life by smartening its appearance – all of which can add to its value.

Plus, the amount of work required on a property is taken into account in house evaluations, so rendering a building can help if you’re looking to eventually sell.

What are the benefits of SprayCork rendering?

SprayCork is a next generation building material. Innovative and sustainable, it has a variety of uses, and is one of the three types of rendering offered by Total Trades with particularly impressive benefits.

Environmentally friendly

SprayCork is fast-growing in popularity as a natural, sustainable render for buildings.

Unlike quarried materials, cork is a renewable resource – the raw material used in SprayCork is stripped from the cork tree, meaning no trees are felled during its harvesting. In fact, by stripping the bark during harvest, oxygen is released into the air, which reduces carbon dioxide in the environment.

What’s more, there are no harmful chemicals involved in the production process of SprayCork. That makes it a great eco-friendly rendering option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills in one.

Repair cracked render

If you’ve got old rendering on your home that needs repairing, SprayCork is a great solution.

Re-rendering a whole wall for small cracks in old render can be both costly and time-consuming. But SprayCork rendering allows you to repair any cracks in the existing render, meaning you’re only repairing what needs to be repaired.

It provides a protective, weather-proof layer in a range of different colours to match the original surface.

Highly flexible

Traditional renders can crack over time as they age. But SprayCork is highly flexible, meaning it’s less likely to fracture. This means that you’re less likely to face repair fees.

Even if you’re applying a cork render over pre-existing cracks, the final finish will be smooth. Plus, if SprayCork does fade or crack, it comes with a 25-year warranty.

Resistant to mould and condensation

When considering the different types of rendering, you want something that’ll offer improved thermal insulation and weatherproofing for your home without compromising its structural integrity.

Cork render is highly breathable, allowing moisture to pass through your walls and evaporate away. A build-up of this moisture can compromise your home’s structural integrity, as well as leading to mould and condensation and their associated health risks. In a wet country like the UK, it’s important to find a render that can deal with this level of moisture. SprayCork is a particularly breathable type of rendering.

Fire resistant

The breathability of SprayCork makes it highly resistant to fire. In fact, it boasts a Euro-class B safety rating, offering you greater peace of mind.

Low maintenance and highly durable

With a 25-year warranty against issues like cracking and fading, SprayCork is highly durable and low maintenance.

That means less cost on repairs or upkeep – and if cracks do occur, you can easily patch them without re-rendering the whole wall.

Super adhesive

Consisting of finely ground cork particles and a natural adhesive, SprayCork is suitable for application on a range of surfaces and materials.

The cork bonds seamlessly with the surface, meaning this render can be applied to surfaces including stone walls, ceramic tiles and steel sheeting.

Contact Total Trades today to discuss your rendering needs

Total Trades are Yorkshire’s rendering experts. Our local team is fully qualified and approved, with over two decades of rendering experience. We’ll treat your home like it’s our own, providing a professional but personal approach throughout.

What’s more, the different types of rendering we offer are tried-and-tested – we only work with top quality renders that offer an excellent performance and long-lasting results.

Get in contact with our team today to discuss your rendering needs. We’ll provide a bias-free recommendation of the right rendering for you based on your budget and needs, providing a no-obligation quote. Discover how we can help with everything from advice to application and aftercare.

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