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CorkSol - Combat internal condensation and black spot mould with SprayCork

Thousands of people are living with black spot mould, condensation, and damp. Far from just being unsightly, these problems can cause serious respiratory illnesses. To combat these issues, many are turning to SprayCork from CorkSol, which uses a thin layer of sprayed-on cork to protect and insulate interior walls. In this blog, we look at how it's helping people with damp and mould to improve their living situation – and helping cut those heating bills!


black mould

What is black spot mould and what causes it?

Black spot mould (Aspergillus Niger) is a type of fungus that grows in places where there is a build-up of excess moisture. There are three main causes:

1. Excess moisture - water ingress is the major problem here, but even something as simple as boiling the kettle, or breathing, can create moisture.

2. Poor ventilation - a lack of proper ventilation stops moisture from escaping, which has the knock-on effect of speeding up the rate of mould growth.

3. Cold temperatures - cold surfaces are ideal for condensation to form, and mould thrives in this type of moist environment, especially in the cold months.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, around 28% of UK residents are living with black spot mould, and it could be seriously damaging their health.


Are condensation and black spot mould dangerous?

Black spot mould doesn't look very nice, but it can also contribute to serious ill health in people who have suffered prolonged exposure to it.

When its tiny spores become airborne, they are inhaled by the people nearby, which can cause several respiratory problems from nasal congestion to asthma, and serious immune deficiencies.

A 2019 study by the group, National Energy Action, found that damp and mould increase the likelihood of respiratory problems by 30 to 50%. According to the NHS, some people are more at risk than others, including:

● babies and children
● the elderly
● people who already suffer from skin problems, like eczema
● people with asthma and other respiratory problems
● people with a weakened immune system

The spores on black mould create allergens and inhaling or touching them can lead to a runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, and a skin rash.


How to combat condensation and black mould

The best way to deal with condensation and black mould is to cut down on excessive moisture and improve ventilation. Keeping your home warm and well insulated is key, especially around doors and window reveals.

Conventional insulation methods significantly reduce your room size which can be off-putting. What's more, they require you to adjust light switches, plug sockets, and even door frames because of the extra thickness added to the wall.

CorkSol's SprayCork is a revolutionary new way of insulating interior and exterior walls using a thin application of sprayed-on cork, which not only has thermal properties but is anti-fungal too.


CorkSol Spray Roof CoatingHow does CorkSol's SprayCork work?

SprayCork contains concentrated particles of cork that are sprayed on in even layers to create a breathable, yet thermal and waterproof barrier.

Cork is a natural insulator, so it works by stopping the movement of cold air from one side of the wall to the other. By keeping heat trapped inside, you can expect to see a reduction in your heating bills by up to 30%.

It is also resistant to algae, moss, damp, and condensation, and because it's breathable, any trapped moisture will transpire over time without causing damage.

SprayCork's other features at a glance

● Durable with a 25-year product warranty
● Quick to apply
● Fire-resistant (Euro Class B safety rated)
● Natural and sustainable

Two layers of cork spray plus a layer of plaster measure no more than 8mm, so you won't need to move fixtures and fittings, and it doesn't take up valuable room space.


CorkSol case study – 1960s concrete tower block

Steve, a maintenance manager from London, chose CorkSol's SprayCork to combat the problem of black mould in the 1960s concrete tower block he manages.

Almost 80% of the 107 flats that Steve looks after were suffering from damp, mould, and condensation. The problem could be seen mainly at ceiling and skirting board level, but also around the window reveals where cold air could get in at night.

Improving the ventilation didn't help and internal wall insulation would have reduced the flats to an unacceptable size. What's more, where polystyrene panels had been used to insulate some of the larger 'penthouse' flats, the damp and mould had returned.

Steve turned to CorkSol for help, and in just two days, an approved applicator was able to bleach the walls, apply two coats of SprayCork and a layer of plaster in one flat.

Twelve months after the flat was completed, he reported that the:

● flat is still totally clear of mould, condensation, and damp
● temperature is warmer and more stable
● heating bills are lower
● tenant's overall comfort is significantly improved

Steve is so pleased with the results that he plans to fit the same system in many of the other flats, starting with ripping out the failed polystyrene in the penthouses.


Do you need an approved applicator for SprayCork?

SprayCork can only be installed by an approved CorkSol applicator, like Total Trades.

We have undergone the necessary training and have all the right equipment to apply the spray-on coating with absolute precision for a seamless finish. Unlike insulation panels, you can be certain that when we apply SprayCork, the entire wall area is covered.

This ensures there are no "cold bridges" (gaps where heat can escape) and stops the wall's temperature from dropping. All this is crucial to stopping condensation and mould from forming, and why Spray Cork is so effective at combating these problems.

At Total Trades, we are experienced in applying different types of renders, and we firmly believe that this innovative product from CorkSol is a future-proof product. We can help you get rid of black spot mould and condensation and improve your living situation. If you live in Doncaster, Scunthorpe, or the surrounding areas, why not contact us today.

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