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General construction companies - why use them?

If you're considering upgrading your property, and you are searching the Internet for 'building companies near me', then you're likely to be overwhelmed by listings from companies all offering something different. Now, you're faced with a decision, do you choose individual tradespeople or look for general construction companies?

In this blog, we look at what general building contractors offer and the benefits of choosing a construction company over a number of individual specialist trades.


What are general construction companies?

General construction companies offer a wide variety of building services, overseeing a job from start to finish. Managing several individual contractors on a building site is a headache, but with a general construction company you have just one point of contact.

The alternative is a long list of tradespeople all thrusting bills at you and your phone ringing off the hook. For just one project you may need a:

  • grounds worker
  • bricklayer
  • tiler
  • plumber/gas engineer
  • roofer
  • electrician
  • plasterer
  • decorator
  • joiner/kitchen fitter

Using a general construction company is a more affordable way of running a project than using individual specialist contractors for each part of the job. And if you need a particular skill that they don't have, they can call in an expert they know and trust on your behalf.

Local construction companies have contacts across the industry - trusted tradespeople they work with regularly. What's more they will manage these subcontractors through every stage of the build, so at the end of the job you only pay one invoice.


What services are offered by these companies?

General construction companies cover everything from the roof, down to the basement. At Total Trades, we offer a range of services, including:


Extensions and conversions

Since building regulations have been relaxed, extending the home you love is an affordable alternative to moving house. There are lots of ways to expand your living space, and our experienced building team are helping homeowners to do just that, with home extensions, orangeries, and basement conversions.

Home Extension Doncaster project


Roofing services

We specialise in flat roof construction - replacing tired, old, felt roofs with a modern alternative that is guaranteed to last longer than a traditional flat roof. Our team of roofers are also experienced in conservatory roof replacement, waterproof cork roofing, as well as soffits, fascia boards, guttering, and other roof line components.

Flat Roofing construction by our roofers in the Doncaster and Scunthorpe area


Cork render

We are an approved installer of CorkSol products in Doncaster and Scunthorpe. This modern rendering solution enhances kerb appeal with a contemporary finish, and its thermal insulation drastically cuts down on heat lost through the walls. Not only is this good for the environment, but homeowners save money on their energy bills.

Cork render and rendering in Doncaster and Scunthorpe


Damp proofing

Our team is experienced in diagnosing a range of damp issues and finding a cost-effective solution, before the problem becomes untreatable and damages the structure of the property. We specialise in fitting damp proof membranes to older properties, where rising damp is a problem.

Damp Proofing Wall Doncaster


Why choose a general construction company like Total Trades?

If you're looking for a quality construction company to deliver a project on time and within budget, then a building contractor has the most to offer.

They have the resources to handle all types of jobs

Whether it's a larger project like a home extension or something smaller such as upgrading your fascia boards, local contractors have the skills and the experience to handle a wide variety of jobs. Their teams comprise a mix of people from different backgrounds, so they can offer a wider range of building services.


You can trust them with your home or business

Reputable construction companies are licensed and insured - it protects them and you, if anything should go wrong. This is important, whether your builder is working on a domestic property or a commercial project.

Before you choose a construction company, check to make sure they have all the right credentials in place.


Their employees are experienced in their field

With a general construction company, you don't have to worry about poor workmanship, because every employee will have their own skillset. They might be electricians, or roofers, plumbers, tilers, or decorators, but they will all be experienced in their own specialisation.


They can get things done quickly and on budget

If you need something done quickly then general building contractors can get it done for you on time. As experienced project managers, they are used to working to a timeframe and a budget.

You can expect a general construction company to outline all their plans at the start of the project. You'll know when the projected completion date is and how much the whole thing is going to cost. It's a hassle-free way to run your project.


Taking the next steps

We understand that choosing a building contractor is a big decision - after all, you're going to be handing over a lot of money, and that's not something you do every day. To make it easier, we offer the following guarantee to all our customers.

  • We will provide a detailed, transparent and understandable quote
  • We will assign you a project manager, who you can contact at any time
  • We will treat your home like our own - care and quality are words we live by

We operate with complete transparency, so you always know where you are with the project's finances. If it's a large project, we'll agree staged payments upfront, and if a contingency budget has been set, we will do our best to ensure you don't need to use it.

We don't consider a job finished, until you're happy with it, but don't just take our word for it. We have lots of happy customers, who have rated us highly on Check a Trade.

General construction companies, like Total Trades, are more affordable than individual specialist tradespeople. Not only have we got the skills in-house, but we're project managers too. We take the hassle out of the job, so all you need to do is look forward to enjoying the finished product.

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