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Waterproof spray for roofs – why is it so effective?

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If your roof has seen better days but the cost and disruption of replacing it fills you with dread, then a waterproof spray for roofs may be the solution.

In this blog, we look at what makes spray sealants so effective, and explain why we think cork is the next big eco-innovation to hit the construction industry.


What is waterproof spray for roofs?

There are a lot of roof sealants on the market that claim to be able to protect your roof from leaking. Paint-on rubberised coatings are often used by DIY-ers, but this might not be the most cost-effective way to repair and protect an industrial roof long-term.

Corksol SprayCork is a waterproof roof sealant that can be sprayed on to any type of roof, but it's designed specifically for pitched, commercial roofs. Unlike paint-on coatings, it's quick to apply, so your business can continue as normal with minimal disruption.

The Corksol system is made up of two products that can be used alone or together:

What makes this product so remarkable is that it's made from cork – a renewable material.


What makes Corksol SprayCork effective?

Cork is nature's own weatherproof material; it's cellular structure (a bit like foam) keeps water out and stops the transfer of heat. This makes it energy efficient, and because it comes from the cork oak tree, it's also a sustainably-sourced material – a win-win for the environment.

The cells that make up cork are largely hollow which makes it very flexible. This is great for use as a roofing material because it can be applied to fit any size/shape of roof without losing its structural integrity, and importantly, it won't crack or split over time.


Top five reasons to choose SprayCork waterproof spray for roofs

Corksol's SprayCork is the way forward for industrial roofs, and here's why:

  1. It's an effective insulator

Heat has a hard time passing through cork, making it a really effective insulator. In fact, SprayCork can keep up to 7 or 8 times more heat in than any other roof coating, reducing the amount it costs to heat a building by up to 15%.

Not only does this cut down on carbon emissions, but it's good news for bill payers.

  1. It's a great sound barrier

Whether it's the sound of rain on a metal roof or traffic from a nearby road, cork is naturally able to absorb sound – it can reduce noise and vibrations by up to 12dB.

  1. It's guaranteed to last

Waterproof spray for roofs typically lasts over 20 years, and Corksol SprayCork comes with a 15 year manufacturer's guarantee. What's more, it doesn't need painting and it's naturally resistant to algal and fungal growth, so it stays clean for longer.

  1. It's truly sustainable

While most other types of roof coatings are made from non-renewable materials, SprayCork is made with cork from the bark of a tree. Not only is it a sustainable material, but cork also contributes to CO2 absorption, and its green credentials have not gone unnoticed.

The product was picked by TV presenter, Kevin McCloud, to be showcased as part of a line-up of 'green heros' at this year's Grand Designs exhibition in Birmingham (2021).

  1. It's got great kerb-appeal

Corksol SprayCork comes in 30 different colours. Its uniform finish can transform an ugly-looking roof in need of repair into something with more kerb-appeal.

'Ultimate Gray' is the recommended colour from the experts at Corksol. This on-trend colour perfectly blends into the background and matches with most other colours.


How are waterproof sprays applied?

SprayCork can be sprayed onto a wide range of roofing materials and styles. It's also suitable for covering asbestos tiles without disturbing the dangerous fibres. This type of waterproof spray for roofs can be used on both flat and pitched roofs in any temperature over 4 degrees.

It's applied in a thin, even layer to seal the roof, and because it dries quickly, it's effective almost immediately. This makes it a great spray sealant for roof leaks in an emergency, as well as offering protection from the weather in the long-term.

This type of waterproof spray can only be applied by approved CorkSol applicators that have undergone specialist training at the manufacturer's premises in Yorkshire.

Using SprayCork is a specialist skill, and this is reflected in the training, which covers:

  • how to prepare, mix, and apply the coating
  • spraying techniques on different materials
  • approved applicator practical test

For a superior finish, using an approved business, like Total Trades, is recommended.


Why choose Total Trades?

Total Trades is accredited to work with CorkSol products, and we have many years' experience in roof replacement and repair in Doncaster, Scunthorpe, and the surrounding areas.

We know a thing or two about what makes a good roofing material, and we firmly believe that this line of waterproof spray for roofs is the way forward in roof renovation.

Our commercial customers tell us that they like this product for its:

  • great insulation
  • acoustic properties
  • sustainability

What's more it's cost effective – spray-on sealants are quicker to apply than painted products, which means fewer man-hours and less disruption.

With Total Trades, you can expect a high-quality finish. Our customers describe us as reliable, professional and knowledgeable, but don't just take our word for it. We have over 50 reviews on Check-a-Trade and a perfect score for workmanship (10).


Taking the next steps

If you're looking for a quote to waterproof your roof, get in touch with us.

We are passionate about operating with complete transparency, so you can expect your quote for waterproof spray for roofs to be written in a clear and detailed way. We make sure that every customer knows who their project manager is and how to contact them, and we don't consider a job finished until you are 100% satisfied with our work.

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