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Keeping Doncaster Rooflines Watertight

Are your soffits starting to look worn? Are your box ends and bargeboards looking weather beaten? Then it’s time to call in the experts to assess the roofline services you may require.

Roofs are often taken for granted. They protect our homes from wind, rain and all the elements of the British weather. They are designed to keep the heat in and the cold out. But because they’re mostly out of sight, we just assume all is well and very rarely pay much attention.

And when something small goes wrong, it’s also often one of those jobs that drops to the bottom of the to-do list.

Yet, if a problem with your roof or rooflines goes undetected or ignored for some time it can lead to all sorts of other, potentially costly, issues which, because they can cause structural damage to your property, then become extremely urgent.

This is why it’s so important to call in the experts to inspect your roof and rooflines at least once a year, for any signs of existing damage or potential problems. And if you see any signs of damage (see later for what to look for) arrange for them to be repaired without delay.


Roofline tiles DoncasterWhat are rooflines?

Rooflines is the term used to describe the outer edges of your roof. Including such things as the fascia or gutters, eave ends and downpipes, sprockets and soffits, bargeboards, and cladding – basically the area of your property immediately below the roof and eaves. The main areas being:

Fascia or fascia boards – the fascia itself is often referred to as the roofline. It is at the outer edge of the walls and roof, supporting the roof tiles, and you will generally see it ‘carrying’ the guttering (guttering is fastened to the secure fascia board). So, it needs to be sturdy and secure enough to hold the weight of rainwater and any debris which may gather in the gutters.

Soffits – if your house has soffits fitted, you will see them between the under edge of your roof and the vertical walls. They protect the eaves of the house.  Although older houses may still have wooden soffits, new builds are now fitted with UPVC soffits as they are much more durable and hardwearing. Over time though, wooden soffits will eventually rot and will need replacing, rather than repairing.

Gutters – the horizontal pipes or ‘troughs’ along the underside edge of your roof, designed to carry the rainwater falling off the roof, to the downpipes and away into the stormwater drainage system. Simply by taking the water away, gutters stop your brickwork from becoming damp.

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What is the purpose of rooflines?

The look of your home is enhanced by well-maintained roof and rooflines.

Damaged or discoloured fascia and guttering is one sight that could immediately put off potential buyers or even passers-by, as it could be in indication of other parts of the house being in need of repair or replacement.

But it’s not only the kerb appeal we are concerned with.

More importantly, it’s the condition of your home.

Without your rooflines being in good condition and well maintained, your home is left with little protection against the elements, at the weakest point, which is the joint between the roof itself and the vertical walls. Or from birds accessing and nesting in the roof space, which will cause further damage and inconvenience.


Damp proofing walls Doncaster before imageSigns of damage to your rooflines – what to look out for

If your property is older and still has the original wooden rooflines, you are probably starting to see signs of wear and tear. Wood rots over time, regardless of how well it has been protected. It will warp, and if it is painted, you will also notice the paint starting to flake and peel away.

You may also see discolouration on UPVC guttering and downpipes, as well as the guttering starting to come away from its supporting fascia boards.

Guttering which is overflowing is also a sign of possible damage. Or could indicate problems or damage to your roof, so again is well worth looking into.

But you will need to make sure there’s nothing more serious such as an underlying issue which could be more complex.

Damp on the walls inside the house could also be a sign of problems with your roof or rooflines, as your walls should be protected from water seeping into the brickwork from the top of the building.


Don’t try this at home | Get Professional Roofline Services

If you see any signs of damage to your roof or rooflines, do not attempt to fix it yourself.

Much as it may be tempting to get the ladders out and climb on to your roof or hang out from one of your upper floor windows to have a good look over your flat roof or conservatory roof, we never recommend this.

Nor should you leave a roof inspection for your list of Bank Holiday jobs to do.

In fact, if you are seeing any tell-tale signs that either your roof or rooflines need attention, don’t delay taking action. The damage that these can cause if they are in a state of disrepair could be worse than you think.

It is vital that you call on professional roofing experts to assess and complete any work on your roof, as the parts need specialist installation and fitting.

And of course, we are experienced and trained in the dangers of working at height. We have the necessary and appropriate equipment to carry out a full inspection safely, and do not take any risks. Neither should you.


Why Choose Total Trades for your roofline services?

We have a phrase which we use in every job:

“If it’s not good enough for our home, then it’s not good enough for yours.”

All the Total Trades team believe in complete transparency when it comes to assessing, quoting, and completing any job we are asked to do.

We know Doncaster, we know our customers, and we know our job well enough to be able to spot when even the smallest detail isn’t quite right. And we will put it right for you, by telling you exactly what we will need to do, what materials we will be using, and financially you will not be left in any doubt from the start as to what to expect.

As the go-to roofing specialists in Doncaster and surrounding areas, we can help you with any type of roof repair or replacement – flat or sloping roof, corrugated concrete, conservatory roof, steel sheets or rubber coating, rooflines replacement or roof maintenance. We literally have them all covered, and we’ll keep your house weatherproof and your rooflines watertight and easy to maintain.

From soffits to sprockets, bargeboards to box ends, and fascia to downpipes – if you feel you may need our roofline services, please get in touch today, for a no-obligation assessment and quotation.


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