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Why Total Trades bring you the best in flat roof construction systems

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In the past, flat roofs were often considered the most unreliable and unpredictable of all roofing styles. Not even considered an option for many homeowners because of the ‘bad press.’ But we are happy to say that has all changed! In fact, our flat roof construction systems are more popular than ever with our customers in and around the Doncaster area, so now it’s time to share the benefits with you!


Why were flat roofs considered so problematic?

We all know how the British weather goes from one extreme to the other. Well, as flat roofs in this country were historically constructed from traditional felt covering, and generally poorly laid. This meant they were neither strong enough or durable enough to protect our homes and buildings from the worst of the weather. Or hadn’t been fitted and finished correctly in the first place.

We’ve repaired many older flat roofs which have leaked or overflowed because they had been built literally flat, which they are not supposed to be (how can the rain run off if there's no slope at all?) Or the outlets for releasing any gathering rainwater have been blocked by debris blown onto the roof, or balls kicked up there. Yes, sometimes it can be the simplest of things that cause the biggest problems! And we have also seen some flat roofs in awful condition because of a simple lack of maintenance.

The changes in the weather were a prime cause for faulty flat roofs though – from the weight of heavy rain and snow causing damage, to the summer heat quickly drying out the covering and causing it to crack.


How has flat roof construction changed?

There has been huge improvements in the way flat roofs are constructed now in 2021.

Designers have taken the time to really understand the weaker areas and pitfalls since flat roofs were the big thing in the early 70’s and 80’s. And now they’re making a well-deserved comeback, as our customers are seeing the scope for some great stylish and modern property designs and amazing benefits!


Benefits of a flat roof construction

• Takes less time to construct than a pitched roof.
• Fewer materials required and therefore less costly.
• Can keep your house or building warmer as it attracts direct sunlight.
• Easily accessible, so it is easy to spot any damaged areas. Also new insulation or flat roof repairs are much easier to complete.
• With the right supporting structure, a flat roof can be utilised as additional space for a rooftop terrace, decking area, balcony. Alternatively, another use for a well-constructed flat roof is for solar panels.
• Can be adapted to allow for sky lights and roof lanterns, so they make an ideal choice for an affordable ground floor extension if you are wanting a solid roof, but still need that additional light flowing in.
• Various options for highly effective surfaces available now, rather than the traditional felt covering.


What Total Trade’s flat roof construction systems offer

We offer a choice from, what we consider to be, the best in multi surface solutions. And once we have finished we can guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your durable, waterproof, and problem-free flat roof construction.

Our GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Flexitec 2020 system is perfect for both new flat roof constructions, but also for refurbishing aged or damaged roofs. It is unique in that it’s polyester resin base is reinforced with glass fibres, giving it extra strength, flexibility and resistance against cracks and impact.

This unique material is, therefore, able to take additional weight and is one of our most popular choices for a standard flat roof or for surfacing balcony areas. The flexibility means any shape, size or design of flat roof construction can be catered for, and it can be laid over most roof surfaces such as asphalt, traditional felt, timber, fibreglass, metal, or concrete, without the need for the existing surface to be stripped away.


GRP Flexitec 2020 benefits:

• Coats any style and shape of roof.
• Seamless application so no weak points or joints.
• Quick drying – 60 minutes maximum walk over time.
• Anti-slip finish – perfect for balconies or areas which will be walked on.
• Can be applied in temperatures from 1 – 30c.
• No heat required to apply.
• 20-year Guarantee (two coat application) or 10-year Guarantee (one coat application).

And the RubberCover EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Polymer) which is designed specifically for small residential flat roofs, sheds, porches, or verandas. For larger areas such as double garages and larger extensions, it can be cut to measure, is relatively stretchy and so avoids unnecessary seams and joints.
This system uses high performing synthetic rubber membranes and gives your flat roof construction the perfect covering as well as an insulation system.


RubberCover EPDM benefits:

• Environmentally friendly but is algae and moss resistant.
• Is manufactured in large seamless sheets, so with the correct measurements for your project, we leave no unnecessary seams or joints.
• Great flexibility and durability.
• Cost effective and excellent value for money. When installed correctly, it could last over 50 years.
• Resistance in extreme weather and will not split or crack in high or low temperatures.
• Guaranteed for 20 years.


Warm roof insulation for flat roof construction

The final benefit Total Trades bring to your flat roof construction is our warm roof insulation.

If your current flat roof is in reasonable condition, we don’t have to remove the existing surface or panels, we simply lay our warm roof insulation panels over the top.

Obviously, this cuts down the time, labour and materials which would otherwise be required to complete the job.

And as the whole surface of the flat roof is covered, it creates a more energy efficient longer-term solution.

Call on Total Trades for your perfect flat roof solution!

When built and installed correctly, a new or replacement flat roof system will last for years to come.

We are the experts in and around the Doncaster area, which is why we bring you the best in flat roof constructions.

So, if you are concerned about your existing roof, or are considering a new flat roof construction, contact us for some straightforward guidance or a quote right away!


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