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A General Overview of Our Construction Services

Total Trades has been offering general construction and specialist services in and around the Doncaster area now for over twenty years. We are a family run business, and we know that reputation is everything in the building industry. That’s why every single property we work on, we treat with the same respect as we would work on our own homes.

Having a builder that you trust to work on your home is important. We put a lot of stock into the relationships with our customers because we want them to come back to us for work in the future. We want them to recommend us to their friends. And most of all, we want them to be absolutely blown away by the quality of our work.

The people we work for in and around Doncaster value great quality work, performed at reasonable prices. We take great care to stick to budgets and to be totally transparent in the way we break down the costs of your project. You are completely involved in the process, having a dedicated project manager that you are able to reach out to at all times. You will never be left in the dark about how long a project will take, or how much it will cost.


General Construction

When your home needs some work to make it more suitable for your needs, we’re there for you. Whether you’re building up and adding another storey to your property, down to make a basement more usable, out to add an extension, or wanting a home refurbishment or renovation - we cover all aspects of general construction in the Doncaster area.

Making changes to your property is far cheaper than moving house, and with our transparent communications, you know exactly what you will need to budget upfront. No sneaky hidden solicitor’s fees, and no nasty surprises. If the project is particularly large, we’ll do the work in stages so that you feel completely in control of your finances at all times.

We get that having work done on your house is disruptive. That’s why the entire team will treat your home with the utmost respect, working quickly to complete the job to an exceptional standard so that we’re as unintrusive as possible while working.


Basement Conversions

Create extra living space without extending the footprint of your house? Yes please! This is a fantastic solution for people who are in need of that extra room but don’t either have, or want to lose, the outside space to extend with a conservatory or extension. We turn your unloved cellars into the best room in the house!

basement conversion process


Damp Proofing

There’s nothing worse than finding that damp spot behind a wardrobe, or creeping down from a window ledge. That cold, wet smell that seems to linger, no matter how much you bleach it. And if there’s anyone in your home with asthma, or breathing difficulties, you’ll already be acutely aware of the health impact damp can have.

Our damp proofing services have been keeping the homes of Doncaster warm and dry for two decades now, ensuring a safe and healthy living environment, free from the dangerous spores that can cause congestion, wheezing and chronic irritation.

Damp problems are varied, and can include condensation and rising damp - but all are potentially dangerous. They’re particularly common in older properties where damp proof membranes were not a requirement and so were often not included as the property was being built. We are capable of dealing with all forms of damp, and are the only damp proofing solution you need in Doncaster.


Conservatory Roof Replacement

Conservatories are a brilliant idea in principle, but with many of the older models being freezing in winter and like a greenhouse in the summer, they may not get the use that you’d hoped. Replacing your roof can stabilise that heat though, and make the conservatory a useable family space year-round. Cheaper than rebuilding the entire structure, it can really modernise the look of a property.

conservatory roof replacement specialists


Cork Render

Rendering on the outside of your property keeps the weather out and the warmth in. But older methods of rendering don’t last forever and can crack or discolour. Modern rendering, with sustainable cork solutions, are not only 100% renewable from the bark of a tree, but it’s soundproofing and comes in a range of colours too! Cork rendering is like putting a thermal jacket on your home so it not only looks great for years to come, but pays for itself in terms of the energy savings you’ll make.


Flat Roof Construction

Flat roofs have developed something of a bad reputation for being unable to cope with the British weather. Felt which rips in high winds, and can’t withstand the barrage of torrential rain we get (“it’s just a shower!”) has meant that flat roofs have fallen out of favour. But we have two construction systems to elevate the flat roof to modern standards; both of which come with a twenty-year guarantee. Yes, we’re that sure of our work.

rubber roof


Home Extensions

Do you love the house you’re in, and just need a few alterations to make it suitable for a growing family? We get it. Whatever your changing needs, we can provide home extensions that fit with your current home aesthetic. We’ll work with you at every step of the way to provide a totally budgeted, fully project managed experience, so that your home is extended with as little disruption as possible.



This is the collective term for any work done on your roof which includes a huge range of individual tasks that could be done. We always recommend that all roofline work is done by a qualified professional as it involves working at height, and requires some specialist skills that make this ill-suited for DIY. A mistake here could mean your roof is no longer waterproof - and that can cause all manner of complications inside your property.

General construction and roofline project Doncaster


Rubber Roof Coating

Whether your roof is flat, sloped, industrial or domestic - rubber coating provides a hard wearing coating that lasts for years. If you’re based in Doncaster and would like a survey on your roof, we’re fully qualified to assess and make a recommendation for the best coating for your premises.



We offer a wide range of general construction, as well as more specialist, modern services. However, one thing which doesn’t change is our approach to quality. All our work is performed at the highest possible care and attention to finish. Our work on your property is our business card, so we want you to be thrilled with our efforts and will keep working with you until you are absolutely delighted with our standards,  If you'd like more information on any of our services, please click on the headings above or call us directly.


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