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9 Benefits of Re-Rendering Your House

benefits of re rendering your house

Re-rendering is a transformative step that can breathe new life into your home, enhancing its appearance, value and functionality. At Total Trades, we're passionate about helping South Yorkshire homeowners unlock the full potential of their homes. That’s why we’re sharing the top nine benefits of re-rendering your house, as well as expert tips on how to choose the best materials for the job.

Ready to give your home a makeover that goes beyond skin-deep? Let’s dive in!

1. Improve structural integrity

The exterior of your home is its first line of defence against the elements. Over time, exposure to wind, rain, snow, ice and temperature fluctuations can cause wear and compromise structural integrity. Re-rendering your house not only refreshes its appearance but strengthens the structure itself. The investment soon pays for itself and can significantly extend the lifespan of your home.

2. Enhance thermal insulation

One of the top benefits of re-rendering your house is the improvement in thermal insulation. Advanced materials like SprayCork and EWI create a high-performing thermal barrier that minimises heat transfer through walls, ceilings and floors. This helps regulate indoor temperatures, reduce the need for climate control systems and, ultimately, lower your energy bills. With gas and electricity rates on the rise, this makes re-rendering a clever investment for cost-conscious homeowners.

3. Protection from the elements

From scorching summer sun to freezing winter temperatures, South Yorkshire weather can be tough on your home’s exterior. Re-rendering your house with weather-resistant materials helps protect against the elements and prevent cracks, fading and other signs of damage. Whatever Mother Nature throws at your house, a quality render will keep it looking fresh for years to come.

4. Reduce maintenance

Tired of spending time and money to keep your home looking its best? Re-rendering your house can help reduce maintenance by providing a long-lasting exterior finish. This means you can say goodbye to seasonal painting, patching and repairs. The result? More time to enjoy your home and less time spent on upkeep.

5. Increase sound insulation

As well as improving thermal performance, re-rendering your house can increase sound insulation and help create quieter and more peaceful living spaces. High-performing renders like cork have excellent acoustic properties and actively reduce noise from external sources like traffic, barking dogs and neighbours.

6. Ward off pests

Cracks in your property's exterior can invite pests like mice, rats, ants and squirrels to settle in. Re-rendering your house seals up these entry points and makes it more difficult for unwanted guests to gain access to your home.

7. Create a healthy living environment

Did you know that the condition of your home’s exterior can impact the air quality inside your home? A deteriorating render can allow moisture to seep in and accelerate the growth of damp and mould, contaminants that can aggravate allergies and cause respiratory issues. Re-rendering your house with moisture-resistant materials can help improve indoor air quality and allow you to breathe easy.

8. Personalise your pad

Your home reflects your personality, so why settle for a cookie-cutter exterior? Re-rendering your home can be a great way to customise your space and create a façade as unique as you. Whether you prefer a classic finish or a contemporary aesthetic, the latest rendering solutions come in a huge array of colours and textures to showcases your individuality.

9. Complement architectural style

Modern rendering solutions like sprayed cork are designed to complement myriad of architectural styles. Whether you live in a character cottage or a modern detached home, a new render can help create a cohesive look that matches the design of your property and the aesthetic of the area. At Total Trades, we offer a choice of silicone, EWI and cork, meaning we can apply renders to almost any surface.

Choosing the right re-render material

Selecting the right re-rendering materials is key to achieving the desired results in terms of durability, aesthetics and performance. With a plethora of options available, it’s important to do your research and choose the right product for the job. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the landscape and settle on a render that ticks all your boxes:

Assess your property

Start by assessing your unique requirements for your house re-render project. Consider factors like the current condition of your home’s exterior and any architectural features that need to be addressed.

Consider your goals

Next, consider your goals and what you hope to achieve from your re-render. Are you looking to enhance kerb appeal? Maybe you’re hoping to improve thermal performance or bolster the structural integrity of your home. Keeping your goals in mind can help guide the decision-making process.

Research different materials

Take the time to research different rendering materials and evaluate the pros and cons. Traditional options like cement, lime and acrylic renders offer durability and versatility, but they may lack the thermal insulation properties of more advanced materials like cork or EWI.

Factor in long-term maintenance

Most homeowners are keen to keep maintenance to a minimum. When assessing rendering materials it’s worth prioritising durable, weather-resistant solutions that require minimal upkeep.

Seek professional advice

Still not sure what’s the right fit for your re-render? Consult with a professional rendering contractor to gain valuable insight into the nuts and bolts of your project. They can help assess your specific needs and recommend the best materials to achieve your desired outcome.

Re-render your home with Total Trades

A new render is more than just a cosmetic upgrade – it's a savvy investment that can enhance the appearance, value, functionality and comfort of your home. From strengthening structural integrity to reducing maintenance and creating a healthier living environment, the benefits are clear.

Ready to refresh your home’s exterior and reap all the other rewards of a re-render? Whether you live in a detached bungalow in Thorne, a terraced house in Mexborough or a sleek new build in Hatfield, we’re here to help. Contact Total Trades on 0333 5771139 today to schedule a consultation and discover how re-rendering can transform your home for the better.

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